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Zealous Musician

Oct 22, 2018

Ever heard a song where Jesus says the F word? Well, in Part 2 of the Emery episode, you're going to. We dive into the impact that Emery has had through their music, their lyrics, and also through the Bad Christian Network. In addition to the conversation with my guest Chris Randazzo, hear about another great podcast produced by Super Team Media called Church Over Coffee. We also take a closer look at the inspirational Bad Christian Network, and then we talk a bit more about the mission of Super Team Media.


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Church Over Coffee Podcast


Special thanks to my guest Chris Randazzo


Super Team Media 🤘🏻 


Bad Christian Website 

Huge thanks to Reva and the Bad Christian team for allowing me to play clips of their podcasts and promote their content!


Emery Vocal Contest Song: "Gethsemane"


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